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Responsible Lending

Cash Sorted's free loan matching service has been created to help you stay in control of your finances, for those situations when the unpredictable happens and you find yourself unprepared. We help you to get the money you need quickly and efficiently so your problems are sorted in the easiest possible manner without giving yourself unnecessary pressures for years.

Flexible loan

In contrast to other companies, you are able to borrow the exact amount you wish for the exact amount of days. We do not make you take any extra than the amount you require, therefore you do not incur extra interest charges unnecessarily. This way you stay in control and borrow the amount you are comfortable with.

Short-term cash

Unlike credit cards and overdrafts, you need to settle your payday loan speedily. You will then be able to use us again if ever you wished to. It suits us to help you as much as possible provided you play by the rules. It is in nobody's best interest to keep extending credit that you are unable to afford. For this reason please be aware that we will not loan more money until the original sum is cleared.

Transparent service

Here at Cash Sorted we try to keep everything as clear and transparent as possible so there are no hidden surprises.


We feel it is paramount to have a trusting relationship with our customers. We would recommend that a first time applicant asks to borrow no more than £500. If it is repaid with no problems then please come back and we will gradually increase your loan amount if you wish along with our trust rating.

As you repay our trust, you ll enjoy improved flexibility to apply for more in the future if need be.

Are you committed to responsible borrowing?

Please bear in mind that borrowing money must be taken seriously. If your payday application is accepted, then it is a contract that you must be prepared to fulfil. It is important we have a trusting relationship and this is why we give you all the details before you take out a loan. Therefore if you wish to apply please be comfortable with the terms and conditions