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The Cost of Surviving

Written By On 03/03/2013

That frequently used adage about trying to keep up with the cost of living that many of us constantly speak about must now be out of date. Times have changed dramatically for the majority and it is now just about keeping up with the cost of surviving. Many families in the UK feel like they are literally treading water just to stay afloat on a day to day basis.

In recent months inflation has become higher than pay rises and that applies to the lucky ones that still are in some sort of employment.

The Retail Prices Index states a figure of 3.1% for December 2012 rising to 3.3% for January, as opposed to the rate of wage increases being under 2% as shown in the labour market's figures.

We are hearing news stories that are still breaking informing us that horse meat has been found in processed meat presumably to help cut costs. Apparently it has now ended up on our shelves in certain major supermarkets and stores. This begs the question that many of us are asking. “What else is being cut back to help make ends meet that we have no idea about?”

We only have the power to change things that are in our own hands and there is no point worrying about the things we have no control over. We are all trying to survive financially in everyday life to the best of our individual capabilities. There is much controversy over payday loans and there is no doubt that it is a last resort for some. But once many of us weigh up the pros and cons of this type of loan against other options and decide to take the plunge, we often tend to do it more than once. Surely if it was such a bad choice we would never do it again!

A payday loan if used in the correct way and paid back in the proper manner can often be a very useful tool nowadays in the continual battle against the cost of surviving!