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New Scheme for Jobless

Written By On 28/04/2014

The government has designed a new plan in order to help people who have been jobless for a long time and it will come into play from now.

The Help to Work scheme will apply to all those claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance after they stop working.

It will also appertain to to those that have been on the present Work Programme for at least two years and remain unemployed. These people too will have to sign up to the new scheme or risk losing their current benefits.

It will involve all applicants taking part to turn up each day at their local job centre for either education sessions about finding work, or getting them out and about in some sort of communal capacity.

If the claimants do not abide by the new set of rules, they will find themselves losing their benefits in a structured manner.

The first penalty could mean receiving no Jobseeker’s Allowance for one month and should they mess up a second time, then they may forfeit their allowance for three months.

Iain Duncan Smith is convinced the government’s new procedure will help to support the correct persons.

Current Secretary of State for Work and Pensions explains:

The previous system wrote too many people off, which was a huge waste of potential for those individuals as well as for their families and the country as a whole.

Esther McVey, Minister of State for Employment expressed her concerns for the long term unemployed too. She makes it quite clear that the new scheme is certainly not a punishment to those in need, but simply to get them to ‘fulfil their potential'.

The MP for Wirral West went on to comment that

extra support is needed for those hardest to help

However Trade Union Congress general secretary says

Making the JSA rules tougher and tougher will put people off claiming the benefits they need without doing much to help them get jobs.