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Is an Online Payday Loan Secure?

Written By On 05/02/2013

The paramount concern of applying for a payday loan online is the privacy and confidentiality of the application. We hear some awful stories of identity fraud as a person's personal details are used illegally and they may not even know until damage has already been done.

Hopefully it will give a person peace of mind to know that a genuine payday loan provider is completely secure. You have protection under the Data Protection Act 1998 so therefore they are required by law to keep all your details private and secure any way possible.

To be sure you choose a reputable provider it would make sense to look for certain key points. Check they have a Data Protection policy which is normally shown in their Privacy Policy. An authentic payday loan provider must also legally have a Consumer Credit Licence. This can usually be found at the foot of the page. It may also be worth asking friends and family if they can recommend one or warn you to be wary of another.