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Bank to Slow Mortgage Demand

Written By On 24/06/2014

Lenders are anticipating home loan applications to continue to escalate for the next few months, but the Bank of England have hinted strongly their intention to wane the appetite for certain precarious mortgages...Read More...

Interest Free Loans

Written By On 26/05/2014

When pressure is on to pay a bill on time and cash-flow is tight, it’s always worth trying to take a step back to look at other alternatives more objectively...Read More...

What Next After Payday?

Written By On 22/05/2014

If you were to ask a close relative to lend you £40 for no longer than a week so you can settle an urgent bill, then you buy them a small gift to say thank you, nobody would blink an eyelid...Read More...

Mortgagors Risk Hardship

Written By On 20/05/2014

New data presented by the Resolution Foundation suggests that British property owners are about to face major affordability problems within the next few years...Read More...

Rates Unchanged Another Year

Written By On 14/05/2014

Bank of England governor Mark Carney has indicated that interest rates will remain unchanged this year as he announced that

the economy has started to head back to normal
...

Tax Seizure Concerns

Written By On 09/05/2014

Tax officials are to be given the power to go into anyone’s account in order to get their hands on the funds required to settle unpaid tax bills...Read More...

Mortgage Approvals Down

Written By On 01/05/2014

Even though figures released by Nationwide today show that last month’s UK house prices brought annual growth to nearly 11 per cent, actual mortgage approvals still fell once again according to the Bank of England...Read More...