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Posted on October 25th, 2014 by Andrew Twine

I was reading an article earlier today about either the lack of knowledge financial providers have or the lack of information they bother offering about the protection that a consumer is entitled to when they make a purchase on their credit card.


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It has been brought to the forefront once again by consumer rights champion Which who campaign stoutly for the everyday consumer on a daily basis.

And this article reminded me of personal experience earlier in the year. I bought two 3 seater settees (or sofas has become the latest fad name for them), and one was delivered with a rather large fault. The front of the frame had a big dent in it which made it look weird. Not sure if it was made badly by the manufacturer or damaged in transit.

I will not say who the well known company was that I purchased them from for fear of any legal hassle, but I will let you know that they are often on the television advertising their products in special sale events.

I had bought from them twice before without any hitches, so did not anticipate a problem returning the goods as long as I followed their procedure. 

I tried to phone, but it came as no surprise that I was passed from pillar to post and back again, and eventually proceeded to their website and followed their instructions. I needed to take photos, upload them and fill in the form – simple as that!

But yet it wasn’t so simple as the site wasn’t letting me upload the digital pictures I had taken. I could carry on writing chapters, but let’s cut to the chase. It still winds me up now talking about it even all this time after the event.

Basically I had to report it within 24 hours of taking delivery which I did somehow, though all the obstacles that were put in front of me made it difficult. But hey, this is progress!


The outcome was, after waiting for days for a response and chasing it up, they would not replace my sofas. They said they will send someone out to repair it and that was all.

I said I wasn’t happy as I bought it new and expected two new ones to replace the ones I’d already had delivered because the colour must be from the same batch so they will match each other – reasonable enough or so I thought!

Obviously I was wrong –  so I demanded a full refund which they were none too happy about. They agreed to refund me only on the faulty one, but that left me with one odd sofa. After letting them know I was displeased with that (in a few choice words, but no swearing) they offered me a small financial  compensation to keep them, which I turned down. 

Now we were at a stalemate. A friend asked me if I’d used my credit card for the original purchase and reminded me that I was covered under insurance. I must admit, I did have that knowledge somewhere in the back of my mind, but felt stupid for forgetting it.

Anyway, I was so relieved and phoned my credit card company.Now this is where the story gets interesting and the point of me blogging this post. Upon relaying all the details to my card company, they told me that the furniture retailer had done all that they were legally required to do and there wasn’t much else they could do about it.

I came off the phone livid and and really upset because I felt so helpless. I was stuck with furniture that I desperately did not want any more because of the bad taste the whole saga had left in my mouth, but where did I go from there?

I was on a mission and phoned Trading Standards. They instructed me to speak to my credit card company. I repeated that I had already done so and they explained to me that this time I was to say that under “section 75 consumer credit act 1974 I am holding them responsible”.

I must admit, I got off the phone and felt it was unfair to blame my credit card company for something I had purchased that had nothing to do with them. After all it was my choice to buy it and it was the retailer who’d messed it up one way or another.

As I spoke to my credit card company and quoted the words that Trading Standards had instructed me to say they got stuck in my throat. But as I heard myself saying them, the person on the other end of the line completely changed their attitude and said that he will pass me on to the appropriate department straight away.

And there you go.  The rest is history and I received my refund. Will not be buying anything from that store again. Goes to show that a little bit of the right knowledge goes a long way!

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