Are You Covered Against Rodents on Your Home Insurance?

Posted on December 19th, 2014 by Toni Burns


A couple of months ago as the weather began to turn a bit colder, I began being disturbed around 4 to 5 o’clock on a few mornings by scratching sounds. I’m a light sleeper anyway so it doesn’t take much to wake me. 

Whenever I heard this annoying incessant very light scratching I would lie awake and try to work out where in my room it was coming from. Then I’d walk around the rest of my home to find out where the noise was originating. It seemed impossible to work it out accurately because of the vibrations through the walls.

I decided to search online for any clues to identify the sound I was hearing and it became likely to me that the guilty party was some form of rodent. Now I’m not squeamish, but the thought of sharing my home with rats or mice was far from appealing and made my skin crawl. Call me old fashioned, but I wanted them out ASAP!

I called a pest control firm and they sent out an expert to explore the problem. However, I felt that the chap that came wasn’t quite as ‘expert’ as they gave him credit for. He seemed to be slightly less in the dark than myself, which didn’t fill me with a great deal of confidence. But what other choice did I have?

Even though I felt it was  like the blind leading the blind, the traps were laid over a multitude of entry points, most of which were so tiny, you wouldn’t think it possible for anything to get through them. The ‘technician’ left and within a few hours it began to get dark, and hey presto – I heard the trap go off in the loft with a very loud bang and to be quite honest, it scared the daylight out of me. What was left of the daylight anyway – funny expression!

The pest control employee returned a couple of days later and removed two mice, and then relaid the traps with peanut butter. Apparently where I live they like peanut butter, but down the road a few miles away they like chocolate. Who knew rodents had palates that differed in different areas?

I hoped that that was the end of the ordeal, but that was too much to wish for. They are still entering my home after weeks and it is not a comforting thought.

Earlier this week  I discovered that they had nested and damaged my garden furniture cushions by eating through them. Apparently they eat through anything, except wire wool. But rats sometimes are able to work around that also asI am told they are very intelligent. See – even I’ve become a bit of an ‘expert’ because of this experience.  

The cushions were stored in my garage and it was not the most pleasant job having to sort through and clean them.

So now we come to the crux of this article and the reason for me writing it. Quite simply, I thought I was insured and could claim back for the damage to the garden cushions. After all, I’ve paid my building and contents insurance policy for years now without ever making a claim and that included accidental damage so it should be straightforward, shouldn’t it? Apparently not.

Readers of this article, please check the small print in your policy. But don’t just stop at reading that because the policies are not always so easy to understand. ask carolyn . Phone your insurance company and ask them clearly if you are covered should the worst happen.

Mice and especially rats can do some serious damage to a home. They eat through wires and can cause major electrical problems. Rats are the worst and have even been known to gnaw their way through pipes causing a gas explosion that killed an elderly woman a few years ago.

With these statistics in mind, it may be worthwhile looking into home emergency policies that will often include pest control as part of the cover. Homeserve are one of the most reasonable I believe after doing a bit of research.   

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